This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) covers the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (“ICAA”) and it regional Florida Chapter, the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, Florida (“ICAA FL”) treatment of personal and personally identifiable information (“Personal Information”) that may be collected by the ICAA & ICAA FL or submitted by the user while using classicist.org & flclassicist.org. The ICAA & ICAA FL takes reasonable precautions to ensure that users’ Personal Information is kept secure, however the ICAA & ICAA FL cannot guarantee that Personal Information will be absolutely secure at all times. In the event that the ICAA & ICAA FL believes the security of users’ Personal Information has been compromised, by hackers or otherwise, the ICAA & ICAA FL will notify users by email if reasonably able to do so.

How the ICAA collects Personal Information
Users may be asked to submit the following information when using classicist.org & flclassicist.org:

  • Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Credit or Debit Card Information

Users’ IP address might be collected. The IP information allows the ICAA & ICAA FL to understand how classicist.org & flclassicist.org is used. Information regarding the user’s computer, connection to flclassicist.org, and user history on flclassicist.org may be collected.

For security purposes, the ICAA & ICAA FL does not retain users’ credit or debit card details. Credit and debit card transactions for classicist.org are processed by Blackbaud Merchant Services and Stripe, and for flclassicist.org are processed Woo Commerce and Stripe, third parties.

How the ICAA uses Personal Information
The ICAA & ICAA FL may use Personal Information for the following uses:

  • Fulfilling registrations for events, classes, and programs
  • Contacting users

Conducting internal reporting and research
It is the ICAA & ICAA FL’s policy not to disclose, sell, or rent Personal Information to any individual, business, government entity, or outside parties with few exceptions. The ICAA & ICAA FL will disclose Personal Information in response to a subpoena, court order, or when otherwise legally compelled to do so, as well as when necessary to exercise the ICAA & ICAA FL’s legal rights. The ICAA & ICAA FL shares users’ Personal Information with authorized individuals from the ICAA & the ICAA FL Chapter

Opt-In and Opt-Out
Users may opt-in to receive newsletters and other promotional information from the ICAA classicist.org & ICAA FL flclassicist.org. To unsubscribe or opt-out of the ICAA & ICAA FL newsletters or other promotional emails, please follow the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the promotional email or contact marketing@classicist.org.

The ICAA & ICAA FL uses cookies to remember certain user information. Cookies allow the ICAA & ICAA FL to save information about users so that the ICAA & ICAA FL can recognize when users visit classicist.org & flclassicist.org on more than one occasion. Users may disable or refuse to accept cookies by changing their preferences or setting on their web browsers. Users who disable cookies will still be able to use flclassicist.org and classicist.org, but certain functionality features may not be available. Professional Membership Directory The ICAA maintains a public Professional Membership Directory on classicist.org as a courtesy service for the organization’s professional members. Firms or individuals who pay $200 or more per annual membership may be included in the directory. By signing up for an annual membership of $200 or more, the user agrees to permit the ICAA & ICAA FL to share the following personal and business information on the ICAA’s Professional Directory:

  • Name of Individual and/or Company Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Email
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Number
  • Photo 

Personal or Company Biography
ICAA History, for example, how long the party has been a member of the ICAA Users may opt-out of the ICAA directory and/or submit revisions to their Personal Information in the ICAA directory by emailing marketing@classicist.org.

Children’s Privacy
Classicist.org and flclassicist.org are intended only for users age 14 and older. The ICAA & ICAA FL does not solicit information from users under the age of 14.

The ICAA & ICAA FL reserves the right to amend its Privacy Policy at any time. The ICAA & ICAA FL shall notify users by email and/or post a notice of amendments on classicist.org & flclassicist.org when and if the terms of the policy are amended.

You may contact the ICAA directly be e-mailing marketing@classicist.org or ICAA FL at Director@flclassicist.org should you have any questions regarding this policy.